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Biden Hands Dropped Toy Back To Slain Capitol Officer's Child In Sweet Moment During Memorial Service


A small moment of kindness showed President Joe Biden picking up a toy the daughter of the late Capitol police officer William Evans dropped during a ceremony to honor her father inside of the Capitol rotunda.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was speaking during the service, President Biden got out of his chair and returned the small toy Capitol dome to Abigail Evans.

Photos and video of the moment were shared widely on social media.

Immediately people were pointing out the difference between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

"A greater compliment does no one have than the President of the United States looking after your toys," Pelosi said, through chuckles.

Evans was killed earlier this month after being struck by a car that charged a security checkpoint outside of the Capitol.

Biden then spoke in Evans' honor, recounting the grief of losing a loved one himself.

"My prayer for all of you is that a day will come when you have that memory and you smile before you bring a tear to your eyes," he said.

"I promise you it's going to come. It just takes awhile."

"Your son, your husband, your brother, your dad was a hero. And he's part of you. It's in your blood. My prayer for you is that moment of a smile comes before the tear, quicker, then longer."

Biden then offered some private words for the family before concluding his speech.

Compassion in the highest office of the United States of America is something sorely needed during the pandemic and increased incidents of racist violence and insurrection over the past four years.

Having it openly demonstrated by the POTUS will probably continue to be newsworthy until it becomes expected again.