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Conservatives Go Nuts With Theories After Biden Flips Dairy Queen Blizzard Upside Down In Viral Video


In honor of National Dessert Day, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden took to Twitter to turn a Blizzard upside down, reenacting the classic Dairy Queen ad campaign.

It was quickly revealed how many people on Twitter weren't up to date on their ice-cream related references.

Needless to say, Twitter's far-right took things a step further, claiming Biden's tweet was part of some sort of evil conspiracy.

If there's one thing right wing keyboard warriors knew about Joe Biden after seeing him with a DQ Blizzard, it's that he's going to jail.


Most Americans on Twitter seemed to understand Biden's reference.

You may criticize Joe Biden for many things, but misunderstanding ice cream is not one of them.

Perhaps it's time we had a President who loves DQ Blizzards as much as we do.