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Bebe Rexha In Tears After Inspiring Gay Teen Fan To Come Out To His Mom In Front Of Her

The singer shared a video to her Instagram story of the fan coming out to his mom in front of her after he shared how her music helped him through his depression.

screenshots from Bebe Rexha's Instagram stories

Pop singer Bebe Rexha had an 18-year-old fan come out as gay to his mother in front of her and the whole moment is just incredibly wholesome.

A fan approached Rexha and told her that her album Better Mistakes got him through some really rough times.

He said:

"I moved to Tennessee."
"My depression was at its worst, and "Better Mistakes" got me through..."

He then began to cry and Rexha said:

"Take a deep breath. Let's enjoy this moment together."
"I love you so much. You're so strong."

You can watch the moment here:

Rexha was getting emotional too.

"He's gonna make me cry right now."

The fan's mom, who was with him, then said:

"That's my baby boy."

When Rexha asked how old the fan was, he told her he was 18.

Then he said:

"I'm gonna do this in front of you."

When she asked him what he was going to do, he turned to his mother and told her he was gay.

His mother responded:

"That's fine. That's absolutely fine."
"I still love you."

Rexha quickly pulled him into a hug, incredibly touched by the interaction she had just witnessed.

"Oh my God. I'm so proud of you."

The singer initially shared the video to her Instagram story, but it quickly made it to Twitter.

Twitter users appreciated the touching moment too.

Quite a few people said they weren't surprised the fan felt comfortable coming out in this situation, because Rexha seems like a safe person.

The fan—Kevin or @sealskev on Twitter—tweeted about the experience as well.

He wrote he chose to come out to Rexha and his mom because he felt safe in that moment.

There was an even bigger outpouring of love for Kevin in the comments.

Rexha's recent interactions with fans haven't all been memorable for positive reasons, though.

A man in the crowd at her recent concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York threw his phone at the singer's face, striking her above the eye. The blow split her eyebrow and gave her a significant black eye.

The phone-flinging concertgoer has since been identified as Nicolas Malvanga, a New Jersey resident.

According to People, the New York District Attorney's office reported Malvanga was arrested and charged with several misdemeanor assault and harassment offenses in connection with the incident.

Malvanga reportedly told police upon his arrest:

"I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny."

However, his attorney maintained his client did not intend to harm the singer.

"Nicolas, like many other fans, was hoping to interact in some way with Ms. Rexha as the phone was returned. It was never his intention to injure Ms. Rexha in any way."

Hugs and crying happy tears as a young fan comes out to his mother certainly sounds like a much better choice for everyone.