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Banjo Player Finds Perfect Way To Drown Out Pro-Life TikToker Shaming Pro-Choice Women


Banjo-playing TikToker Clover-Lynn (@hillbillygothic), hilariously drowned out a "moderate" pro-life TikToker as he was shaming a pro-choice woman for joking about terminating her pregnancy.

The original video was of a woman "pranking" conservatives. She held up a positive at-home pregnancy test and pretended to cry, asking, "What am I going to do?"

Then she pulled out a glass of wine and starting pouring it, calling herself "what conservatives fear," while laughing hysterically. She had already booked the abortion appointment.


#greenscreenvideo it’s no wonder people are getting more right leaning #abortion #conservative

The conservative TikToker, @Kai.Clips, called the woman "evil" for "taking joy" in "killing" the fetus.

In response, Clover-Lynn duetted the video and played banjo over the man speaking to cover up his unsolicited opinion.


#duet with @kai.clips sorry i had to get some practice in #lgbtq #feminism #banjo #fypシ #queer

The video now has 1.1 million views, over 370K likes, and several thousand comments.

@burb.official/TikTOk; @hillbillygothic/TikTok






One person who knows @Kai.Clips personally even reached out to thank Clover-Lynn.


The beauty of @hillbillygothic's video seemed to bring commenters to the @Kai.Clips video as well.








Clover-Lynn gave a statement to The Daily Dot:

"I just play banjo and some people like it."
"I'm not the first person to [drown out his voice] and his video is still more popular than mine; I doubt he really cares."

Let's hope she keeps playing. A lot.