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Woman Has Infuriating Reaction To Finding Out Artist Has Autism After Ordering Custom Mugs

Woman Has Infuriating Reaction To Finding Out Artist Has Autism After Ordering Custom Mugs

Not so hidden away in the dark corners of the internet, countless instances of bigotry and bias are still alive and well.

On the subreddit r/EntitledB***h, artist jwall6110 shared an exchange she had with an online customer who had commissioned a mug from her.

She took a screenshot of the conversation, which is sure to infuriate anyone with an understanding of autism.

The photos were posted with the title Entitled B***h or Choosing Beggar? Either way, total b***h.




Reddit couldn't believe this customer's incredibly ignorant behavior. riquercommented:

"Damn. That's one post I really hope to be fake. How low can you get?"

kefkafanatic thought jwall6110's customer could use some human lessons:

"What a horrible excuse for a human being."

Nukacolawaterfall knows opinions like these are ultimately harmful to the entire autistic community:

"This really pisses me off, people with autism and other conditions with a stigma attached don't deserve this. Life can be hard enough without ignorant people f***ing things up for people"

lubabe99 doubted the reality of the situation:

"This level of stupid seems unreal. Nobody could possibly be this ignorant."

SakethKukkala thought the customer was the worst of both worlds in response to the video's title:

"She's both. Its amazing most autistic kids have better morality and calmness than a majority of non-autistic people."

kdyogafelt bad for the artist:

"So sorry you were hit with that s@#t! She'll never realize/understand that she is the one with some mental aberration. Please let us know how this ends up."

jwall6110 may have lost a customer, but she's also gained one in SirsPrincess7118:

"Man forget that. If I had the money, I would buy all the mugs the crafter wanted to make me. Karma will get her."

On Twitter, people were equally outraged at the customer's behavior.

The world's state of affairs is not great if people are still speaking about autistic individuals this way.

No one wants to be like this customer.

Remember to practice tolerance and understanding every chance you get!

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