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There are some dreams so unlikely that most people never even bother to hope for them.

Driving down the highway just as an armored truck's doors fly open, for instance.

In an incredible turn of events, that's exactly what happened on I-285 outside Atlanta, Georgia this past Tuesday night.

Police say about $100k was spilled onto the highway!

A viral video captured the scene as people pulled over in the middle of the highway to grab as much cash as they could.

Of course, the eager money-grabbers were causing a bit of a safety issue.

It turns out picking up the lost cash is technically a crime and the authorities are eager to track it down.

Of course, that wasn't going to stop many people from grabbing as much as they could.

Driving on the highway at the right time could be a very lucrative opportunity...

If there were any justice in this world, these drivers would get to keep their lucky winnings.

Many people on Twitter debated whether or not they'd turn in the money if given the opportunity.

Word has quickly spread of investigators searching for the bills they lost to the wind.

If you missed out but want to recreate the experience, you can with your own "Make it rain" money gun, available here. Sadly, you'll have to supply your own cash.

To the investigators hoping to get their lost money back, most drivers had only one thing to say:

good luck.

Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images; @JaimePrimak/Twitter

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