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Police Speak Out After Video Of Arkansas Man Being Arrested For Piercing Son's Ear Goes Viral

Zethen Sherland shared a video of his father, Jeremy Sherland, getting arrested by Tontitown police for piercing his son's ear without a license while intoxicated after a welfare report filed by Zethan's teacher.

Screenshots of man being arrested

A video of an Arkansas man being arrested for piercing his son's ear was posted to TikTok late last week and quickly went viral.

The police are finally speaking out about it.

The video shows police forcing entry into a home and cuffing Jeremy Sherland of Tontitown, Arkansas for "performing body art in any unlicensed facility" on a person under the age of 16, regardless of parental consent."

Sherland's son, Zethen, recorded the interaction of the four policemen arresting his father and putting him in a car, all while his mother was asking what was happening.

When the officers responded the arrest was regarding "body art without a license," Jeremy threw his head back with laughter.

His mother replied:

"Guys, chill. What is really going on here?"

You can watch the video below.


#freemyboy #fyp #copabuse #viral I pierced my ear a year ago and he got arrested because of it

Earlier this week, Tontitown Police Department issued a press release explaining their justification for the arrest.

According to their statement, the police were contacted by a Springdale School Resource Officer who reported a teacher overheard Zethen telling his friends his father "was drunk and put him in a choke hold and shoved the piercing in his ear."

Officers responded to the report and went to the residence where Jeremy admitted to piercing his son's ear, but when officers wanted to speak to his son, Jeremy refused.

The video shows the officers' return to the home where they made a probable cause arrest. When Jeremy refused to comply, officers took him into custody.

Zethen, however, told a different story, saying he wanted the piercing and "thought it would be cool."

He shared:

"Nah, I asked for it and so we just took ice and a potato and did it that way."

People on social media had thoughts about the arrest.

Several agreed with the father's reaction to the absurdity of the charge.

Many, however, feel the arrest is warranted if there is any truth to the initial report.

Jeremy faces four charges, including endangering the welfare of a minor, refusal to submit to arrest and obstructing governmental operations.

But according to Zethen:

“My dad’s a funny guy in my opinion, very funny, and he’s a goofball."

Jeremy was released on bond late Saturday night.