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Fox News Melts Down After AP Guide Recommends Not Using The Term 'Mistress' Anymore

Fox News Melts Down After AP Guide Recommends Not Using The Term 'Mistress' Anymore
Fox News

On Tuesday, April 13, the AP Stylebook advised on Twitter that official copywriters should stop using the term "mistress" to describe women involved in a sexual relationship with a married man.

AP indicated "mistress" has no male equivalent and tends to attribute sole responsibility for an affair to the woman. By doing so, it reinforces patriarchal misogyny.

Twitter had a field day making jokes about the AP Stylebook's tweet.

According to Fox News, however, the word "mistress" was just the latest victim of liberal "cancel culture."

On The Faulkner Focus—part of the network's block of "real news" instead of pundit commentary—host Harris Faulkner and guest Joe Concha spent several minutes frustratedly riffing about the injustice of "mistress" being taken away from them.

After clinging desperately to the word "mistress" for several minutes, Concha exclaimed:

"A little disclaimer: My mother-in-law is a big fan of your show. I want to be clear I'm only talking about the term 'mistress.' None of that going on here. Very much happy with your daughter, ma'am. Just want to make that very clear."

Many people also noted the word "definition" was misspelled in the network's chyron throughout the entire segment.

Concha wondered whether AP would prefer the term "goomah," saying:

"Not quite sure what that means, but I would, I assume that it's a cinnamon in this case."

He probably meant synonym.

It's hard to imagine what would be on Fox News if the hosts weren't constantly spreading fear of "cancel culture."

Concha commented:

"'Mistress' has been canceled, go figure. Who would've thought that mistresses would be canceled? Even that has fallen under cancel culture."

Twitter mocked the Fox hosts for their obsession with a subject that was far from important news.

Hopefully, following the devastating loss of the word "mistress," the hosts over at Fox News will be able to pull themselves together enough to go back on the air soon.