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AOC Swiftly Shuts Down Mike Pence For Claiming He's 'Pro-Life' During Vice Presidential Debate

Taylor Hill/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

During the Vice Presidential Debate on October 7, Vice President Mike Pence declared he was proud of being a "pro-life" candidate, referencing his hardline stance on abortion.

Shortly after Pence said this on national TV, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to push back against the idea that he is truly "pro-life."

While the Vice President hasn't been shy about his desire to ban abortion, he also supports a litany of policies which would strip the rights of women and make life harder for any children who are carried to term.

For a "pro-life" candidate, Mike Pence sure has hurt a lot of children's lives.

Twitter lined up behind AOC to support her point.

Most supposed "pro-life" advocates seem to think life stops at birth.

Or at least their ability to care does.

Many online felt unborn fetuses were more important to Mike Pence than living, breathing women.

Studies have shown for decades banning abortion does not stop abortions from happening.

So perhaps what politicians like Mike Pence actually want is to punish women.

The pro-life movement is deeply tied to religion, something our founding fathers were wary of while writing the Constitution.

If Mike Pence wants to be "pro-life," perhaps he should support legislation that actually improves the lives of women and children, like the ones sitting in cages.

Until then, it's only pro-forced pregnancy and pro-birth.