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Resurfaced Clip From 'America's Next Top Model' Is Giving Twitter Major 'Squid Game' Vibes

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America's Next Top Model (ANTM), a major success of a reality show that took the USA by storm in the mid 2000s, is resurfacing again but this time with a not-so-favorable shadow cast over it.

A clip simply titled "ANTM is a psychological thriller" went viral on Twitter, as some called it "Tyra's personal Squid Game."

In the clip, show host Tyra Banks revealed to a contestant she had been eliminated despite performing while violently ill.

Joslyn Pennywell, the eliminated contestant, also spent several seconds thinking she was advancing on before having her dreams crushed.

The Netflix series Squid Game featured a group of normal citizens competing for an exorbitant sum of money in a life-and-death game.

The eponymous game subjects its players to physical and psychological torture.

People think Tyra Banks possibly inflicted such torture on ANTM contestants.

Many moments live in infamy from America's Next Top Model, such as Tyra's "be quiet Tiffany!" soliloquy, another moment in which she is pictured yelling at a contestant.

It's possible many of these moments could be recast in a new light.