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Angela Bassett Had The Perfect Response After NYT Photo Caption Mixed Her Up With Omarosa 😬

The New York Times has been the talk of the town lately - mostly because of the anonymous Op-Eds. The publication just got itself some more attention, but it's probably not the kind that they like. The organizations Emmy's coverage was marred by a caption that somehow confused Angela Bassett with Omarosa.

We're not entirely sure who wrote the initial caption or why that person thought Omarosa would be presenting awards at the Emmy's, but that's really neither here nor there. We know the NYT ran it, and we know the internet DRAGGED them for it. People of all ages, races, and political backgrounds came together in agreement on one thing:

Angela Bassett's name shall not be taken in vain!

With as many beautiful, powerful, and emotionally diverse characters as Bassett has played - you'd better believe there were Ms. Bassett GIFs aplenty.

Yeah we could fill an entire article with just Angela Bassett GIFs, but you get our point. The publication printed an apology and explained that they used the captions provided by their image source. The source has since updated their caption, and so has the NYT.

But not before Angela, herself, found out about it and responded to let her fans know she had it under control - with a GIF, no less!

Her fans - as expected - loved it.

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