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WATCH: Radio Host Alex Jones Interrogates Amazon Echo on TV

WATCH: Radio Host Alex Jones Interrogates Amazon Echo on TV

Ultra-conservative radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones decided to interrogate an Amazon Echo on live television, and the interview went just as you would expect. The host of The Alex Jones Show and owner of Info Wars held up the device and demanded to know if it worked for the CIA, and if it was programmed to lie to him. He was not satisfied with Alexa's answers.

Oh Alex, everyone knows that anyone who works for the CIA cannot say that they work for the agency!

It is like watching a primitive ape pondering a technology beyond his comprehension.

The interview was reminiscent of a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Or a crazy old man yelling at nothing.

Alexa was not amused.

A lot of people sympathized with Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo.

Even a machine AI loses its patience with nutjob Alex Jones.

Is this why we have the rise of the machines in those Terminator movies?

Others were (NOT) impressed with Jones' hard-hitting journalism.

Is that too much of a pause there, Alex?

Rule number one of journalism is to remain objective.

What next will Jones interview? A microwave doubling as a spy? A Tamagotchi that is secretly a member of the Illuminati?

Jones' questioning is downright hilarious to watch... and a bit sad.

We're talking "rolling on the floor, dying of laughter" levels of hilarity.

When you think about it, he is arguing with a glorified plastic speaker.

Does Alex Jones truly believe all his conspiracy rants, or is this all performance art?

We are going with him being a professional con artist.

This loud, screaming man is no parody.

President? No thank you! We're not laughing anymore!

But what if Alexa actually confessed...

Or what if you could have an Echo with Alex Jones' voice?

That became creepy really fast... but it's also hilarious!

We're crying too, for other reasons.

But the sad reality is that millions of people listening to and believe men like Alex Jones.

When we are being honest with ourselves, Alex Jones is a dangerous man and con artist. Thankfully, we have John Oliver to expose him for who he really is.

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