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YouTubers Use World's Tallest Building For Over-The-Top Gender Reveal Announcement

YouTubers Use World's Tallest Building For Over-The-Top Gender Reveal Announcement
Anasala Family/YouTube

Two influencers have used the world's tallest building to announce their baby's gender.

YouTube stars Anas and Asala Marwah found out they were having a baby boy after a blue light and the words “It's a boy" were projected onto the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

According to Arab News, it would have cost nearly $95,000 to hire the 2,717ft building in such a way, but it is not clear if it was a sponsored event or paid for by the couple themselves.

The couple, who married in 2017 and already have one daughter, have more than 7.6 million followers on YouTube and a further five million Instagram followers between them.

They shared a longer video of the event on their YouTube channel, in which they revealed they had been planning the event for more than two months.

In the video, Mrs. Marwah told her followers:

“We want to do something special but also memorable so that the Anasala family will look back at it and see what we built and created, just like Mila's birth."

Mr. Marwah added:

“We also want it to be a changing point before we move to California and after we leave Canada, in the middle do something that we love, and then we will go to California and start our new life."

The official Twitter account for the tower shared the video and said:

“The big news just can't get bigger than this as the world's tallest building lights up to reveal the biggest gender reveal ever! Congratulations @AnasMarwah and @AsalaMaleh."

The tower is often lit up for special occasions. On September 7, the Brazilian flag was projected onto the side to celebrate Brazil's independence day and on August 28 it was used for special display for Emirati Women's Day.