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Woman Survives 80-Foot Fall From Balcony While Practicing Extreme Yoga

Niki van Velden/Getty Images

The practice of Yoga has been around for thousands of years, so naturally, various iterations of it have become popular among people around the world.

There's Bikram Yoga, hot yoga, Vinyasa yoga and—apparently—extreme yoga for those who thrive on death defying risks.

One extreme yoga aficionado is lucky to be alive after one attempt at a move saw her plummet 80 feet from her balcony.

Alexa Terrazas is a college student from Mexico who had long practiced extreme yoga, often using the railing of her sixth floor balcony for various positions, many of which one shouldn't try at home.

In this instance, Terrazas was positioned upside down with her head and upper body hanging off of the balcony. Though she survived the fall, she fractured her arms, legs, and skull, requiring 11 hours of surgery.

It could be three years before Terrazas, a health and nutrition student, walks again.

People were flummoxed at why she was taking such risks in the first place.

Hopefully, Terrazas finds peace on her long road to recovery. We're sure she'll be doing yoga again soon—hopefully just on the ground.