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White Kentucky Middle Schooler Charged After Choking Mixed-Race Student As Classmates Hurled Racial Slurs

White Kentucky Middle Schooler Charged After Choking Mixed-Race Student As Classmates Hurled Racial Slurs

A Kentucky teen has been charged after a horrifying incident.

A White student from Casey County Middle School in Kentucky has been arrested for assaulting a classmate.

The teen, whose identity has not been released to the public due to their age, is now facing charges of felony strangulation and fourth-degree assault after a video surfaced showing the student choking their mixed-race classmate while bystanders hurled racial slurs.

Watch the news coverage here:

According to Kentucky news station WDKY-TV, the incident involved multiple students, including some who watched the assault unfold and hurled racial slurs at the victim.

School resource officer Jordan Buis said the incident, which occurred earlier this week, was originally treated as "horseplay" rather than a racial attack until the video evidence of the assault surfaced.

He said:

“I think it was reported by school staff that it was kind of a horseplay incident...once the video surfaced later it was discovered it was quite a bit more than that."

He continued:

“Stuff like this, personally, I am not going to tolerate it when it is known."
"I mean, of course, teachers and I can’t be everywhere at any given time, and with that being in the bathroom made it extra difficult, too."

Liberty Police Chief Steven Garrett confirmed a claim from WKYT that a racial slur can be heard in the background of the video.

He said:

"It’s unclear who said the racial slur."
“I just want it to be known that this type of behavior is not going to tolerated. There’s been criminal charges filed."
“I want people to feel safe.”

People are horrified at the racist attack.

Barry Lee, Casey County Superintendent, said in a statement to the Herald-Leader that racially-motivated bullying and assault has no place in his school system.

He said:

"The behavior that occurred in the video will not be tolerated. The school administrators and the SRO (school resource officer) took immediate action but we must continue to be proactive in helping our students to understand that this is not acceptable behavior in our schools or in our communities.”

He continued:

“The incident took place this past Friday, and the school administrators took immediate action with the support of a Liberty Police Department deputy who serves as the School Resource Officer."
“The school administrators and the SRO have been in communication with the parents throughout the investigation. No further information can be released due to all parties involved are juveniles, and the investigation is still ongoing."

Although charges have been filed, the aggressor has not yet been convicted or tried in court.

Whether there are consequences for their actions remains to be seen.