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Video Of Lizzo Saying Nickelback Gets 'Way Too Much Sh*t' Resurfaces—And Nickelback Is Honored

A 2019 clip of Lizzo from 'Jam Or Not A Jam' defending the oft-maligned rock band drew praise from the group on Twitter.

Screenshot of Lizzo/Nickelback
CBS Music; Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

Leave it to Lizzo to root for the underdog.

Turns out the "Truth Hurts" singer has always been spreading the love, even to those who get a lot of "sh*t."

In a resurfaced 2019 clip, the "Good as Hell" singer jumped to the defense of the band Nickelback, who for some reason have caught a lot of flak over the last decade for their musical style.

But admit it, you totally sing along to the lyrics.

In the clip, Lizzo was playing a round of CBS' Jam Or Not a Jam when Nickelback's 2001 hit "How You Remind Me" made its way through the queue.

The "About Damn Time" icon asked:

"Why do people not like Nickelback?"
"I feel like Nickelback gets way too much sh*t."

Lizzo's verdict?

"I think that this is a jam."

She continued while singing along:

"It has a beautiful climax."
"The beat drop out, b*tch?!"

You can watch the clip below which was shared by the band and captioned:

"Thank you Lizzo for the kind words!"
"Open invite any show any time… maybe see you in Houston this summer?”

WARNING: NSFW language

Viewers of the clip sided with Lizzo and also shared their confusion over the Nickelback hate.

A few even entertained the idea of a collab between the two.

All in all, though, fans - especially Nickelback fans - appreciated her kind words and her analysis from a musical perspective.

Well guys, by Lizzo's decree, Nickelback is now deemed "Good As Hell."

It's about damn time.