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WATCH: Dad Deadpan Reads Son's Favorite Memes Out Loud

WATCH: Dad Deadpan Reads Son's Favorite Memes Out Loud

Funny or Die comedian Drew Tarver had the brilliant idea to ask his father to read some of his favorite memes, and recorded it all on camera. The father's deadpan delivery, and his apparent lack of amusement, is everything right now. Not everyone digs memes, but we sure do love watching said people read memes out loud.

The father did not like any of the son's favorite memes.

The passage of time shows the father's patience and love for his son.

A Twitter user noted the multiple changes in location showed that the son tortured the dad all day long.

Drew was thankful that someone noticed:

"It means a lot that you noticed. I wanted to show how long I had been forcing him to do this. I’m the Scorsese of annoying my dad"

One person asked what type of meme Drew's father would have liked better. Drew admitted that though his father is a bit of a tough cookie, he figured his father would go for the "that feeling when trickle down economics for sure works” meme.

Twitter did not disappoint in delivering.

Twitter is rolling on the floor laughing.

"The Silent dad stare at the end of every meme is killing me, like he is trying to figure out what he just read!!"

Drew was able to get his father to blush on the last one, which he could not even finish. Was that a laugh we detected, Mr. Tarver?

"Don’t lie Kenny, you loved that last one about eating booty!"

The next comedy stand up special?

At least one person said he would watch two hours of Mr. Tarver reading memes.

Or maybe the next hit sitcom!

Even if his reading skills are a bit... elementary.

Drew was a good sport about the criticism. Maybe he can get his father performance reading lessons.

More than one person confused Mr. Tarver for a famous celebrity.

From science guy... a favorite M*A*S*H doctor...

...and even a Mad Man.

Yeah, we can definitely see the resemblance.

Hopefully there are many, many more memes in Mr. Tarver's future!

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h/t: Twitter