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'The Try Guys' YouTuber Reveals He Had Extramarital Affair After Group Announces His Firing

'The Try Guys' YouTuber Reveals He Had Extramarital Affair After Group Announces His Firing
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Earlier this week, The Try Guys announced they were no longer working with one of their members. This came after some speculation from anonymous Reddit users.

Shortly after, it was revealed the excluded member cheated on his wife with a staff member at the company the group developed to market and distribute content and promote and sell merchandise.

This caused an uproar online, with current and past fans reacting to the news.

Many couldn’t believe Edward “Ned” Fulmer would do all of this.

The Try Guys, a YouTube comedy troupe made up of Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang and Ned Fulmer built their following out of a series of videos on Buzzfeed trying different and outlandish experiences.

Eventually, they grew beyond Buzzfeed. Their YouTube channel has over seven million subscribers.

Among the group, Fulmer garnered a reputation of talking about loving his wife, Ariel Fulmer who occasionally appeared in the group's videos.

After it was announced Fulmer was out, he made a post to provide the clarification for why he was kicked out.

Fulmer apologized but made clear he engaged in a “consensual workplace relationship.”

He added he planned to focus on his family going forward.

Speculation started when some fans noticed Fulmer wasn’t featured in recent Try Guys videos. This despite the fact behind-the-scenes photos and clips showed him there and participating in the experiences.

When it was revealed he cheated on his wife, with a co-worker, it confirmed the theories fans had been piecing together online.

Still, this news surprised many.

After the news broke, many were concerned for Ariel. She had become as popular and well known as any of the Guys and was featured in many videos.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me — it means a lot. Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family, and all we request right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our kids.”

Part of the appeal of The Try Guys is the presentation of an authentic personality. The people you see on screen, are supposed to be the same as those behind the scenes.

To that end, the reveal of Fulmer’s infidelity with a subordinate—an act of workplace misconduct in most organizations—shatters this crafted persona.

For the last few days, it’s been the biggest thing to talk about.

The remaining members plan to continue as a trio for now.

At time of writing, their YouTube channel hasn’t uploaded a video since Saturday, a few days before the news broke.

Fulmer and Ariel have been seen out and about together since the incident.