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Trump Tried To Claim That Democrats Required An 'ID Card' To Get Into The DNC—Which Was All Online

Trump Tried To Claim That Democrats Required An 'ID Card' To Get Into The DNC—Which Was All Online
Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

On Thursday, August 20, President Trump once again argued that voting should be made harder and more restrictive for Americans, this time claiming that the Democratic National Convention required an ID and, thus, so should the elections.

President Trump's logic would have been fairly shaky even if based on the truth. But, as is the case so often with President Trump, there were no facts behind his argument.

The Democratic National Convention was held entirely online and, thus, not a singe person had to show an ID card with their picture to attend. It was open to anyone with an internet connection.

The fact that this year's convention was held online has been well-publicized.

In fact, it's been a major talking point in most media coverage of the four-day event.

Even if Trump were telling the truth about DNC attendance requiring ID, most well-informed citizens understand that being one of the several hundred electors who vote at the convention is very different from the everyday situation of most Americans.

Many people online couldn't believe the President of the United States would tweet such a misinformed, manipulative statement.

Twitter accused the President of trying, once again, to spread misleading information about the voting process.

Was President Trump counting on everyone to just forget they'd watched the convention online? What was his plan here?

It seems President Trump may have pushed a few voters over to Biden with this message.

President Trump has repeatedly made it clear he would like voting to be harder for Americans and has said explicitly that he thinks this will help him win the election.

Perhaps voters will take their right to vote seriously enough that they remember the President's lies come November.