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Swifties Outraged After Video Of Travis Kelce Saying He Wants To 'Find A Breeder' Resurfaces

The Kansas City Chiefs star is being called out after proclaiming on his 'New Heights' podcast that he was hoping to find a 'breeder' to appease his mom's desire for grandkids just months before his relationship with Swift began.

Travis Kelce; Taylor Swift
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Over the course of the last few months, "Traylor" has taken the world by storm.

The blossoming-turned-full-blaze romance between Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has been front-page news from mainstream media to sports coverage and every outlet in between.

But one thing we've learned from all the chaos is that Swifties will let nothing slide when it comes to protecting the object of their obsession.

Most recently, TSwift's fanbase has been rather enraged over a comment made on the KC star's podcast earlier this year in which he referred to a potential future partner as a "breeder."

Back in February, Kelce and his brother Jason were gearing up to go head to head in the first ever sibling vs. sibling Superbowl in football history.

Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis had their mother Donna on their podcast New Heightsand wanted to know who she would be pulling for in the big game.

Jason, who has three daughters with his wife Kylie McDevitt, argued:

“You’ve said in the past to both of us that you root for me because I’ve given you grandkids; I’ve always known that you root for Travis.”
“So who do you actually root for? In this one, you have the luxury of rooting for offenses, but if in a battle to the death, me versus Travis, who are you rooting for?”

After a bit of back and forth, Travis quipped:

“I’ve gotta start breeding, I’ve gotta start breeding.”

Mama Kelce interjected:

“Wait until you find the right person. Find the right person.”

Nevertheless, Travis continued, jokingly vowing to win his mother's affection:

“I’m gonna find a breeder, and I’m gonna get kids so that Mom can love me again.”

You can watch the clip below.

Travis Kelce joked he needed to find a ‘breeder’ months before Taylor Swift

As you can imagine, Swifties did not take this comment lightly.

Many expressed their outrage over Kelce calling women "breeders."




But others defended Kelce, claiming the comment has been taken wayyy out of context.

Regardless, according to multiple outlets, the tight end is absolutely smitten.

According to an inside source:

“Travis made a confession to Taylor that changed everything."
“He told her that this wasn’t going to be just a fling. He said he can see himself marrying Taylor.”

And, as the source said, children may be in the near future.

“They’re already making plans for the future."
“He and Taylor have even talked about kids. Travis wants them in the next year or so, and Taylor, of course, is all in. He’s exactly the guy she’s been waiting for!”

The Eras tour is set to go strong for another year, so we'll just have to wait and see!