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Student Explains How She Went To Pick Up Lost Phone From Police Station—And Was Charged With A Felony

TikToker @collcro waited several months to explain to viewers what exactly happened—and it's a doozy.

TikTok screenshots of @collcro

A TikToker left inquiring minds hanging for months after posting an initial video yielding only two phrases:

"Goes to the police station to retrieve my lost phone"
"Gets arrested and charged with a felony"

The creator @collcro captioned the video:

"Not a good day"

And appropriately so.

You can watch the video below.


Not a good day #ByeByeSundayBlues #ImoniCarly

Of course, given the extremely limited information provided, viewers needed details.






Much to the dismay of wonderers everywhere, @collcro (Coll) revealed she needed to lay low for a week.

But a week turned into months...

Until finally one glorious day when the masses got their update in a three part story time.

In her first video, Coll shared she was out late one night hanging with her boyfriend and eventually took an Uber to get back to her dorm. Unfortunately, she left her phone in the Uber, but she didn't realize it until the car was long gone.

Coll also revealed:

"It's important to note that my phone has one of those phone wallets on the back of it, and in this order from what you can actually see, it's my debit card, and then my school ID, and then a fake ID."
"So you couldn't see the fake ID at all."

She said that she began to worry about how she would get her phone back with all of its valuable contents considering her phone was about to die when she lost it, so Find My iPhone would be useless.

The next day, the TikToker was able to locate her phone—meaning someone had plugged it in and charged it—and noticed it was an hour and a half away.

When she called her phone, a person at a police station answered and told Coll that she could swing by and retrieve her phone. When Coll arrived at the station to do so, they told her they needed to fill out some paperwork. No big deal.

But then an hour later, Coll revealed the issue of the fake ID surfaced. The person at the desk inquired about it because they "couldn't locate who it was," but Coll just casually brushed off the probing.

Another hour later, the TikToker said an officer brought her to an interrogation room to ask her some questions.

You can watch part 1 below.

WARNING: NSFW language


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The story continued in a part 2, in which the officer confronted Coll about her fake ID.

The officer along with another placed Coll under arrest, and she admitted she was "literally the most terrified" she'd ever been. She was put in a cop car and driven around to the back of the station where she was placed in a holding cell for a couple of hours.

Coll was informed by an officer that she was being charged with forgery 2nd [degree], but then they later decided to change the charge to a much steeper forgery 1st [degree], which the creator likened to Leonardo DiCaprio's crimes in Catch Me If You Can.

Eventually, Coll was released after her boyfriend posted her bail, but the creator shared she had "never been more" scared in her life.

You can watch part 2 below.

WARNING: NSFW language


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In the final installment, Coll stated she drove two hours for her court date but didn't even see the judge, as her lawyer convinced him it was a ridiculous charge.

So a couple of months later, Coll did "sit in front of the judge," where he told her the charge could be expunged and would, therefore, not show on her record.

He told her:

"You can just get off with 10 hours of community service."

She finished:

"So thank God for that lawyer, but now I know don't ever used somebody's fake ID and don't ever keep it in your phone because if you lose it, you'll get arrested."
"But moral of the story: F**k 12, because that was ridiculous."

You can watch the last part below.

WARNING: NSFW language


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The punishment may not fit the crime, but we bet Coll—and her viewers—will be extra careful from now on.