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TikToker Floored After Discovering Her Headshot Was Used For A Softcore Sex Novel's Cover

Actor and TikToker said a south Florida photographer gave her a discount on her 2010 graduation headshots—but she neglected to read the fine print.

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You've got to read the fine print.

Otherwise, you may end up like TikToker on the cover of a softcore sex novel!

The TikToker Christian Demeritt shared that she hired a photographer for $100 to snap some graduation photos in 2010 but had no idea they would end up in anyone else's hands but hers.

She revealed:

"I didn't read the fine print on my headshots contract and my photographer sold my pics to stock photo sites."

And where did the images end up?

In one case, as noted in Demeritt's first video about the photos, on the front of a book named His Big, Childhood Sweetheart: BWWM, BBW, Plus Size, Childhood Sweetheart, Billionaire Romance.

You can check out the video—and the book cover—in the video below.

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Some viewers of the video jokingly told Demeritt to chalk it up as a win.

Some users asked how Demeritt found out that her image had been used, and she revealed that the book cover wasn't actually her initial discovery.

A friend of hers sent her a picture of the front of a local newspaper which used Demeritt's image to depict a Black Mona Lisa.

Demeritt said that she actually liked the picture... but she didn't know how they got it.

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Several chimed in that her image extends far beyond a local paper and erotic novel.

We have to agree with Demeritt when she said:

"This picture has made its rounds."

We bet she'll read before she signs from now on!