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American Woman Explains The Five Things She'll Never Do Again After Moving To Italy

TikToker @rozeinitaly offered some insights into how her 'perspective has changed after moving abroad.'

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In a viral video that has been viewed 1.2 million times, TikToker @rozeinitaly revealed aspects of American culture that she doesn't miss after experiencing life in Italy.

The creator Roze captioned her video:

"A few ways my perspective has changed since moving abroad, maybe some other American immigrants can relate?"

The video is accompanied by the words:

"5 things I'll never do after moving from the USA to Italy."

Roze revealed that—number one—she'll never be in a rush again.

"One of the first things that attracted me to Italian culture is the fact that people don't seem to be in a rush."
"There are no drive-thrus. People don't walk and eat."
"If you need a coffee, you sit down and drink a cup of coffee."
"There's always time for that."

Roze shared that—number two—she will never own a car again.

Due to the walkability of Italy, everything she needs is within walking distance.

She said that she is also happy to be free of the cost of owning a car and not being a contributor to the negative environmental impacts of driving.

"I don't plan on ever living in a place where you need a car to get around."

Roze also said that she refuses to "live for work."

"Now, I'm not saying that people don't work here."
"People work very hard, but there's not as many people who make working hard their whole personality."

On a related note, she shared one can't rely on the internet—as we do in the USA—to find out if a business is open.

"If you look it up on Google Maps, it says that it's open from 10 am to, I think, 7 or 7:30 pm."
"Does that mean I can go there at like 2:30, 3 o'clock?"
"What is not listed on there is that they are closed from 1 to 4 for lunch."

Finally, Roze shared she doesn't have to "worry about going bankrupt for medical bills" as Italy has universal healthcare.

You can watch the full video below.


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Viewers agreed with Roze, especially in regards to universal healthcare and a healthy work-life balance.











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