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Lynda Carter; screenshot from Waffle House fight
Paul Morigi/Getty Images; @MekkaDonMusic/Twitter

Remember the great Waffle House fight of 2022?

A video of the insane patrons vs. employees all-out brawl was captured at an Austin, Texas Waffle House and quickly went viral. While the entire scuffle was absolutely out of control, one particular move caught the attention of the internet.

The employee effortlessly blocked the chair and slammed it to the floor.

Twitter went wild with replies, and one Wonder Woman fan even notified Amazonian superhero Lynda Carter.

Carter replied:

"I did not catch anything...but clearly she did?"

Carter eventually got in on the fun, posting a fight scene of herself as Wonder Woman taking on—you guessed it—a chair.

Carter quipped:

"I trained at Waffle House."

Twitter couldn't handle it.

DC Comics—which owns the Wonder Woman character—even responded with "Canon."

Others were absolutely entertained, as well.

Between her "touching grass" PSA, defending trans rights, roasting Trump and explaining the difference between sci-fi and fantasy, Carter may just also be Wonder Woman of Twitter.

For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the epic chair deflection in the key of Wonder Woman below.