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Matthew Horwood/Getty Images; @sophoelouisecc/Twitter

Across the United States, businesses are pasting "We're Hiring" signs in their windows while they claim a labor shortage.

However, a woman received a rejection letter from KFC for her application. The chicken restaurant claimed she didn't have enough experience even though she'd worked in a KFC for over two years.

Sophie Corcoran was furious when she tweeted a photo of the letter.

Her caption read:

"I can't even get a job in KFC up in Durham because 'I don't have experience' despite f*cking working at KFC for two and a half years."
"I give up with Durham."
"I want to move back home now. I just want my life back."


The rejection letter was also quite uncomfortable to read:

"We're cluckin' delighted you're keen to join our flock, however at this moment in time your skills aren't the secret recipe the Colonel is looking for."

"But we'd love to hear from you again when you have some more experience under your wing, so please give us a cluck if you would like to apply in the future."

Many found this to be the cringiest rejection letter.






Many also mocked capitalism and those with the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality.








It's no wonder 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs during the month of August.

Who would want to work for a corporation that rejects workers with over two years of experience and then makes bad puns about it?

It's almost like some short-staffed businesses created their own problems.