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Images from glitches from Sims 4

Actor and singer Keke Palmer went live on Instagram as she played the video game Sims 4.

Palmer used the game's Wicked Whims which is a NSFW modification that allows the user to add nudity and sexual animation to the game.

Using this modification, the player can have their characters watch porn, have sex with other characters and even run a strip club.

With the modification in place, Palmer entertained her fans as she narrated a play-by-play of the drama her character got into in the game. She acted out relationships, breakups and fights.

You can watch excerpts here:


The internet couldn't get enough.

Many people said Palmer made them want to start playing the game

Sims 4 was released on September 4, 2014.

The Sims is a simulation game where the user can create characters, build houses, maintain jobs and live out fantasy lives.

During Palmer's narration she encountered several hilarious glitches.

In one clip, Palmer can be heard telling off her character's ex-boyfriend who broke up with her, before deciding to climb into her bed.

In another clip, Palmer attempted to break up with her in-game boyfriend.

Her character decided to sit on the toilet but when she stood her pants glitched showing the character's bare butt.

Palmer also talked about how she's been playing the Sims for years.

“Sims 2 was my favorite era but I do like Sims 4. I don’t have a favorite expansion pack. I am just obsessed with the custom content and custom mods haha.”

This isn't the first time the game had glitches that went viral on social media.

In August, the Sims went viral when players noticed a glitch that made some characters want to date their family members.

While these glitches are not the desired situation for any game creators, they are undeniably hilarious and extremely entertaining to the rest of us.

Palmer's narration was just the icing on the cake.