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TikToker Floored After Discovering Ceramic Jar On Sale At Goodwill Appears To Contain Ashes

The 2020s have been a weird decade for death.

Not long ago a night club found itself in hot water over a corpse and a recent article about the rise of "extreme embalming" proves people are willing to get creative now, more than ever.

We're not sure creative end-of-life planning is behind a recent grim discovery at the thrift shop, though.

TikTok user Macy Weeks—@macymweeks—believes she found someone's cremains—the word for the ashes of someone who was cremated—at her local Goodwill.

Video of what she found has people as sad as they are shocked.

Macy collects ginger jars, a lidded, usually wide jar with roots that go all the way back to ancient China. Antique jars can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, so the hobby can be just as lucrative as it is decorative.

While at a nearby Goodwill, Macy spotted a ginger jar that still had the sticker on it from the original store. It caught her eye, so she did what any of us would do and inspected the jar.

When Macy lifted the lid to check the interior condition of the jar, she found what people believe to be cremains.

Here is the clip.


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And its got people shaken.





Using non-urn containers as urns isn't unusual.

Neither is separating out small amounts of ashes for spreading.

We admit, it would strike us as odd if someone asked to have some of their ashes put into a jar and sold at a random Goodwill. So, assuming the ashes are human, this probably wasn't the deceased's end of life plan.

Which is a thought people are struggling with.





The ashes could just as easily be from a pet, or part of a prank.

It's likely we won't ever have the full story here.

She couldn't absolutely confirm the ashes she found were cremains, but Macy was convinced enough she brought it up to staff at the store. They shared her concerns and removed the jar from the sales floor.