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Prince William and Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Wax museums are where the uncanny meets reality, sometimes for education or entertainment purposes.

Sometimes, however, their purpose seems to be inducing confusion over various interpretations of what a real person looks like.

Case in point: wax figures of Prince and Princess of Wales in Poland.

Displayed at the Krakow Wax Museum, the Prince and Princess of Wales only recently became well-known after a TikTok user led her followers through the "worst wax museum in Poland."

In the video, TikTok user @beckablackburn4 showed figures of William, 40, and Middleton, 41, as well as Mike Tyson, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

While William wore a scarlet ceremonial uniform, Middleton's figure was showcased with a completely white ensemble.


I couldnt tell if this was a real wax museum 💀 wait until the end #krakow #krakow23 #poland #fail #funny #viral #waxmuseum

Here’s a screenshot of just the royals in question.

Wax Sculptures of Prince William and Kate Middleton@beckablackburn4/TikTok

People were horrified and amused by the royal likenesses.





In general, people agreed that the museum didn't evenly distribute their budget.



To put it another way, the quality was subpar.




We hope this attention will draw more visitors to the museum and help them improve their creations.