Paula Daniëlse/Getty Images; @atoomey15 / Twitter

It's a week late, but a night of the living dead has struck the nation.

All over the United States, people have seen long dead conversations seemingly come back to life.

Random text messages from people having conversations they couldn't understand afflicted many earlier this week.

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Seems like it should be difficult these days to accidentally text the wrong number.

We'd figure by now that no one would be manually entering numbers.

They should all be names in your phone.

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Chastity Patterson / Facebook

In times of grief, it's hard to remember there are still good things going on around us. But sometimes, someone---even a stranger---will surprise us.

Chastity Patterson, age 23, can attest to this since, after texting her father every day for four years as a way to cope after his death, she received a surprise message from a stranger.

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Rachata Teyparsit/EyeEm/Getty Images, @EricD14/Twitter

Dating in the 21st century can be hard.

With so many dating apps and ever-evolving technology, the playing field can often feel like more of a giant landmine.

Especially in a huge city like New York, where there are so many options that people often ghost you with no explanation, and you're left wondering what happened.

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d3sign via Getty Images, @seyiakiwowo/Twitter

There is no denying wedding planning can be really stressful for the wedding party, none more so than the bride.

Women have long been bombarded with messages to think of their weddings as fairy-tales. So the stakes can get high and expectations even higher, pushing some women into being "bridezillas." And then their high stakes suddenly translate into high stakes for everyone.

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