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Screenshots of barista @chlochlonutwater

We've definitely all seen or heard things at our jobs that made us do a double-take. But in some industries, this occurs much more frequently.

Enter @chlochlonutwater, a barista who shared many of those moments via TikTok.

In her now-viral video, the cafe worker name Chlo hilariously reenacted some of those golden customer interactions.

She captioned the video:

"I love my job, but the convos I've partaken in are bonkers."

In the first interaction Chlo reenacted, a customer ordered a peach, pear, and apricot smoothie.

"This tastes really bad, like really bad."

Upon describing the smoothie per the customer's request, she learned that the customer hates peaches.

"Yes, it would taste like peaches, given that it was... you know... a peach smoothie."

Another encounter led the barista to check loyalty points for a patron. She explained that the customer had 14 of the needed 50 points to earn a reward.

"But I want my reward, can you give me my reward?"

Obviously the answer was, "No."

"Well this is ridiculous."

Chlo went on to portray many other experiences, like a scalding hot coffee being "lukewarm" to a customer or an "iced mocha" not being hot.

One of the greatest reenactments was of a customer who wanted a milkshake with plant-based milk as they didn't want dairy, but they were perfectly fine with the regular dairy ice cream in it.

And there's also the woman who was outraged at being served coffee when she ordered a double espresso.

You can watch the full video below.


i love my job but the convos ive partaken in are bonkers

Viewers of the video chimed in, many sharing that they've had similar experiences.










One viewer perfectly noted:

"It's kind of ironic that baristas deal with crazy on a daily basis but baristas give me my sanity in a cup every morning."


Hopefully this video - which by the way has been viewed more than 604 thousand times - will make people think twice when ordering their drinks. If nothing else, at least be kind.