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Randy Rainbow Threw Some Epic Shade At Voter Who Told Trump He's 'So Handsome' When He Smiles
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images; @NBCNews/Twitter

On Thursday, October 15, ABC and NBC aired dueling town halls featuring Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Those who chose to watch the Trump Town Hall were taken aback by a particularly strange moment when a voter went out of her way to tell Trump he was "so handsome when he smiled" before asking her question.

You can see the awkward moment here:

Internet celebrity Randy Rainbow—who has gone viral many times for his hilarious songs lampooning the President—responded to the voter with some devastating shade.

Twitter had to agree with Randy Rainbow's diagnosis on this one.

The enamored woman quickly became a minor celebrity on Twitter, but not for the reasons she probably hoped.

Many online told Rainbow that watching the Biden Town Hall was a far more pleasant experience.

President Trump has been accused of many things, but being "handsome" usually isn't one of them.

There were some, however, who suspected the woman may have had ulterior motives when she complimented the President.

Listen to Randy Rainbow, everyone.

If you find yourself taken by President Trump's smile, it's time to visit the eye doctor.