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Scott Walker Dragged After He's Caught Trying To Pass Off A Dining Out Photo From 2019 As New
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Throughout the pandemic, Republican politicians have followed President Donald Trump's lead in flouting CDC recommendations to limit the spread and save lives.

Not only have these politicians joined Trump, they've also encouraged the Republican rank-and-file to do the same. Most often, this has been framed as an economic decision.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did exactly that when he tweeted out this photo on Saturday:

Of course the CDC recommends against indoor dining until community transmission is greatly reduced either through social distancing, or vaccination.

But while Walker's photo may seem simple enough, there's actually more to the story, as some intrepid folks on Twitter figured out.

Others quickly jumped on board.

Some noted lying is a problem that seems endemic to the GOP.

Others were too busy fixated on the pizza itself.

Many relished in the fact that Walker was caught.

And one person summed up what happened succinctly.

After this went viral, Scott Walker had this to say:

However a quick glance at the San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana website makes it clear they are not currently open for indoor dining, only curbside and pick-up.

Governor Walker has yet to clarify his clarification.