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2020 has been one of the, if not THE, weirdest years on record.

Beginning as normal as any year, 2020 quickly devolved with nationwide and international lockdowns in light of a global pandemic. From there, each month has brought its own horrors, leaving us all feeling run a little ragged and exhausted.

This feeling is something Reese Witherspoon (of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere, based on the book by Celeste Ng) captured perfectly when she released a photoset of her progression throughout 2020.

This sparked celebrities to create their own versions of how 2020 has looked for them, using the same format, and photos of themselves from various TV and film appearances.

This grim and yet incredibly accurate calendar of the year thus far shows these people's—and by extension our own—slow devolution into acceptance of a messy and difficult situation, where nothing surprises us anymore and we just watch the hot dumpster fire of a year that is 2020 pass us by.

To cap it all off, this is happening during an election year with what is sure to be one of the most toxic presidential campaigns on record, as we all saw in 2016.

Which leaves us with a sobering thought—2020 has the potential to get worse from here.

Together, we have the power to make 2020 much better.

This is your reminder to register to VOTE. This is also your reminder that the post office recommends 14-day-roundtrip for any postage sent, so if you're voting by mail, election day is October 20th rather than November 3rd.

With your help, 2020 does not have to continue being a Russian Doll experience.

Let's make those October, November, December pictures a heck of a lot happier.