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Woman's Dismissal Of Date Over His 'Red Flag' Behavior Sparks Heated Debate About Safety

A viral TikTok with nearly eight million views showed a woman coming home from a date but she was not happy about how it went.

The video was from a Vivint smart home video that showed Jade (@jadealyzaee) being dropped off after a date and walking towards her front door.

As she was unlocking her front door, she turned around briefly to see that her date had left before she had gotten inside.

Jade said:

"And he didn't wait until I got in the house."
"Red flag number two."
"I am ghosting."

#greenscreenvideo 🥲

Jade commented that the first red flag was when her date didn't open the door for her, but he did pay for her dinner.


Since the video went viral, it started a debate in the comments about if it was right to call this a red flag.

Some people were against it, saying that the man "dodged a bullet" by not waiting.






So many people came back and said the opposite. That it's important for people to wait to get in, even their friends.









Another TikToker shared a different take entirely. He suggested that maybe she should tell him why she won't go on another date with him instead of ghosting.


But someone came right back at them, saying it isn't the women's job to be tell them how to be decent humans.

@astronomera_/TikTok; @jakehartstern0/TikTok

It's not easy dating these days.