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Livestream Video Captures Royal Guard Suddenly Collapsing While Standing Vigil At Queen's Coffin

Great Britain continues to cope with the loss of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II after she died September 8 at the age of 96, ending her 70-year reign. With many now in mourning, the Queen's passing has taken a noticeable toll on her constituents.

The UK is observing the tradition of monarchs lying in state, with members of the public allowed to visit the Queen's coffin and pay their respects. However, this tradition seems to be taking a toll on the Royal Guard, who are required to stand perfectly still in vigil.

A frightful moment saw a member of the guard collapsing before quickly being attended to by staff at Westminster Hall.

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It is a somber scene inside the doors of Westminster, which now houses civilian onlookers paying their respects to the late Queen.

The Royal Guard are situated in a circular formation surrounding the Queen's coffin, uniformed and holding ceremonial staffs. Soldiers are tasked with standing still for 20-minute shifts for up to a total of six hours.

It takes impressive stamina to pull off such a feat, and it comes as little surprise that some guards would experience adverse health issues.

Twitter erupted with users questioning the cause of the guard's collapse.

Some people even blamed Covid-19 vaccines.

Others empathize with the guard.

English journalist Chris Ship had the most logical take.

The Queen will lie in state for four days before being laid to rest at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The guard in question is reportedly fine, though there have been no details released about why he fainted.