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Guy Stunned After Getting HOA Complaint Because A Kid Touched His Hot Car In His Own Driveway

Florida never fails to disappoint when it comes to ridiculousness.

TikTok user Christian (@dvdude8) recently received a complaint from his HOA that was so ridiculous and so universally roasted that they eventually dropped it - but the audacity it takes to make the complaint in the first place still has people stunned.

Things started on a hot summer day when it was Florida outside... because Florida. Christian's car - a blue Tesla - was parked outside in his driveway, exactly where it's supposed to be.

At some point in the day, someone's child wandered into Christian's driveway and touched his car. The car, which had been sitting in the Florida sun because that's just how outside goes, was hot and the child burned their hand.

That child's parent complained to the HOA about Christian's hot car.

The HOA, rather than explaining to the parent that residents don't control the sun, actually brought the issue to Christian.

Because Florida.


#hoassuck #hoa #tesla #karen car is parked in my private driveway. Person complained that their child burned their hand on the side of the car. Control your fucking kids!

Christian was completely baffled and unsure of exactly what he was supposed to have done here.

He isn't in charge of the sun, Florida summer is Florida summer, the car was parked in his driveway - somewhere the child wasn't supposed to be.

How was this his responsibility?

TikTok couldn't figure it out either.





But they had some ideas about how to prove the point.



As we mentioned, the association did eventually drop the issue, which Christian let people know with another video update.

The real question here is why was this complaint brought to him in the first place? It's clearly well outside of what any resident could be reasonably responsible for.

Many viewers noted that he opened the video by saying that this was "another" complaint, leading people to believe Christian has a history of issues with this association.

Some also noted the trans flag displayed in the rear window of the car and speculated that might be the real root of complaints about his vehicle.




Was the parent hoping the association would force him to park his car in his garage? Or do you think they truly believe their child wandering onto his property and burning their hand was somehow his fault?