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Screenshot of a plane participating in a gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties continue to be all the rage for expectant parents who want to make dramatic announcements to friends and family.

But slicing a piece of cake to reveal blue or pink sponge cake concealed by frosting won't cut it anymore, as the simple tactic is yesterday's news.

With social media pressure to one-up each other, young couples are continuously devising elaborate stunts to reveal the gender of their babies in jaw-dropping fashion.

Unfortunately, one such event taking place in San Pedro, Mexico, came to a tragic end after a hired pilot flying a Cenna plane released a trail of pink smoke, indicating to onlookers below that the couple was expecting a baby girl.

During the stunt, one of the plane's wings snapped off and the aircraft crashed in a nearby field with the pilot trapped inside.

He did not survive as a result of his injuries.

A clip of the horrific incident shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Breaking Aviation News can be seen here.

The camera then shifted back to the couple standing in front of a sign that read "Oh Baby." The guests appeared not to have noticed the crash.

A local newspaper identified the pilot who perished in the crash as 32-year-old Luis Ángel N.

After the plane took a nosedive, responding Red Cross personnel pulled the trapped pilot out of the wreckage.

He was in critical condition and was taken to a hospital in Navolato, where he died of his injuries.

People shared their theories as to what may have caused the mid-air malfunction.

Others commented on the senseless tragedy.

Some people expressed their disdain for gender reveals.

The incident remains under investigation.