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Kid and dad talking about nail polish
@daddyfiles / TikTok

A kid on TikTok is getting applauded by social media users for the way he dealt with a regressive gender standard that was applied to him by a classmate's parent.

Aaron, a TikToker known as @daddyfiles on the app, recently shared a video of his son Tommy recounting how he handled things when another kid's mom scolded him for having painted nails.

After being told "only girls can wear nail polish" by the other kid's mom, Tommy had a perfect clapback, and it's left internet users and his dad cheering him on.


Anyone can wear nail polish. Girls, boys, everyone. Even football players. Proud of Tommy. 💅🏈 #nailpolish #football #parenting #gender #genderstereotypes #toxicmasculinity #raisingboys

Showing off his nails, Tommy told the story of what went down at his recent football practice.

"Someone's mom told their kid that girls can only wear nail polish."

After agreeing with his dad that "that's ridiculous," he recounted what he said in response.

"I said, your mom's only mad because I got more taste than you."

Nailed it! Aaron finished the video with a recommendation for parents still trapped in outdated and meaningless gender rules.

"Anyone can wear nail polish, even football players, even baseball players. Anybody. Let's knock off the crap."

Hear, hear. After all, what is the harm of a kid painting his nails?

In his caption, Aaron reiterated his point and said how proud he was of the way Tommy handled things.

"Anyone can wear nail polish. Girls, boys, everyone. Even football players. Proud of Tommy."

People on TikTok definitely agreed with him, and applauded Aaron and Tommy both for their hot take on gender standards.










With everything going on in the world, whether or not a kid likes fingernail polish is hardly worth anyone's time or attention. Let the kid have his fun—they're just fingernails!