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Globe-Trotting Cat Epically Fails At Climbing Bookshelf During Her Owner's TV Interview

An inquisitive cat upstaged her owner during a television interview after falling off the bookshelf she was attempting to climb.

Nala was discovered by Scotsman Dean Nicholson nine countries into his journey around the world, and the two became inseparable as feline and man continued to travel together.

While Mr. Nicholson was discussing his and Nala's travels during a Channel 5 interview, the curious cat managed to steal the show by unsuccessfully attempting to reach the summit of a bookshelf in the background.

“Is she OK?!" the presenter asked.

“Aye she's fine, she's a cat, she's got nine lives," Mr. Nicholson replied.

Nala did indeed seem to have emerged unscathed, appearing in her owner's arms at the end of the interview.

“Just Nala upstaging me on TV," Mr. Nicholson, from Dunbar, East Lothian, tweeted shortly afterwards.

Twitter seemed to get a kick out of it all.

We're glad that Nala is ok, and appreciate the laugh she delivered.

After all, a cat is gonna cat, especially if they're in the spotlight, right?