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Courtney Tillia

A Christian woman claimed she was persuaded by God to ditch her teaching job to become a porn star through her OnlyFans account.

Courtney Tillia used to be a teacher for autistic children at a Catholic school but felt unfulfilled in her low-paying job.

Before seeing the light that inspired her to leave her job, Tillia told the Daily Star:

"I felt super disconnected from myself and also God! I didn’t know what my life’s purpose was or how I was meant to help others."

Tillia said her new mission was to help free the mindset of those struggling with sexual shame they believed was imposed on them by God, which was not the case for her.

She continued:

"When I started connecting to myself and to God in a different way than what I had been taught in church, I kept hearing and feeling the nudge to help liberate women from their sexual shame."

In addition to God encouraging her to go on her new career path, she had the support of her husband, Nick Tillia.

The 36-year-old from Los Angeles proudly proclaimed:

"God’s message has been abundantly clear: I’m here to be a pornstar. This is my way of serving."
"I’m showing others that pleasure and our sexual expression–even in porn and sex work–aren’t meant to contradict God or exist separately from God."
"They are unified with God and holy."

She emphasized her work in the adult entertainment industry did not change her devotion to God.

"I’m living my life as an example of being fully out in the open and unapologetically expressed: not against God, but completely with God."

However, Tillia was conflicted at the beginning of her new chapter in life.

"I had so much sexual shame of my own at first!" she recalled.

"I remember being at a photo shoot that had several porn stars, and I was so triggered."
"I could feel the judgments that society and religion had instilled in me and I was very aware of it."
"That part of me felt like their sexual choices and expression were wrong and immoral."
"I even felt wrong by the association in that moment–but that didn’t feel like God telling me to feel that way."

Meanwhile, over in Twitterland, reactions were mixed.

Others felt, no harm, no foul, and responded with humor.

Since quitting her teaching job, Tillia said she gained 18,000 subscribers and has earned between $20,000 and $100,000 every month.

She also posts video clips of her modeling in swimwear and lingerie on her social media platforms–including TikTok and Instagram.

Despite the stigma that comes with her new line of work, Tillia has no regrets and claimed her faith is stronger than ever.

"I am the most connected to God that I have ever been, while also being the least religious I’ve ever been," she said.

"I don’t need an organization or institution to tell me who God is or how to go about my relationship with God."
"I now reject any teaching or institutions that depicts God as an entity to be feared or to be judged by."

She added:

"God is loving, not fearful; and accepting, not judgmental."
"I believe God is experiencing itself intentionally through us in these unique, physical incarnations."
"We are not meant to suppress or deny things like our pleasure and sexual expression."
"Instead, we’re meant to enjoy and embody them fully, as God has intended."