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American Tourists Cause Chaos After Trying To Board Plane With Unexploded Bomb They Found In Israel
@MikeSington/Twitter; @kann_news/Twitter

On Thursday, a family identified as being from the United States caused panic at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv when they attempted to board a plane with an unexploded bomb.

One of the family's children had reportedly found the unexploded artillery shell while visiting the Golan Heights and packed it, thinking it would make for a great souvenir.

According to local authorities, pandemonium at the airport was triggered when the family showed the unexploded shell to airport security while checking in their luggage.

You can see travelers panicking and taking cover at the departure hall in the clip, below.

Officials immediately called for an evacuation, and the chaotic scene resulted in one man being taken to the hospital for injuries after he tried to flee over the baggage carousel and fell in the midst of the chaos.

Twitter had plenty to say in response to watching the video.

Users had plenty to say about the family's intelligence level.

The Jewish Press reported that a bomb squad was called to the scene, and the alert was eventually called off.

Airport staff said the family was able to board their flight after they were questioned by security.