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After Weeks Of Not Being Able To See Their Stimulus Check Status, People Discovered A Weird Trick—All Caps

With businesses shuttered and millions unemployed due to the virus, Americans across the country need money, and fast.

Acknowledging this need and hoping to avoid economic catastrophe, Congress passed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act at the end of March and it was signed into law by President Donald Trump soon after.

Under the package, Americans making less than $75 thousand a year were guaranteed a $1200 dollar stimulus check.

Americans who selected a direct deposit option for their most recent tax return had the stimulus money direct deposited as well, but Americans who didn't have the option for direct deposit had to wait for physical checks.

Some are still waiting.

The Internal Revenue Service's website wasn't much help either, with widespread reports of the stimulus check's tracking feature being dysfunctional.

People would input the information asked of the feature—including their address—only to be told the status wasn't available.

Then, Twitter user @jessica_roy reported a resolution.

To people's surprise and relief, the hack worked!

Twitter was soon alight with others spreading the news that entering your address as though it were a tweet from Donald Trump can bypass government ineptitude.

If you're still waiting on your much-needed stimulus check, but haven't been able to track it, this might be the trick you've been waiting for.