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A Steam Pipe Burst In NYC's Flatiron District, Leaving A Massive Crater In The Street 😮


Manhattan's Flatiron district woke up with a bang early Thursday morning, just after 6:30am, when a steam pipe burst leaving a large bus-size crater in the middle of 21st Street and sending a large hissing billow of steam into the air— and New Yorkers out into the streets for a little citizen journalism.

The "always hungry" New York City Press Secretary for Mayor Bill de Blasio's office warned that asbestos had been found "at the site of the explosion" but that air quality was currently "ok."

NBC New York is reporting that it was "an asbestos-lined, 86-year-old steam pipe," that blew causing the evacuation of "49 buildings," and though they are reporting that air quality in the immediate vicinity "is safe...strong asbestos concerns remain," with Mayor de Blasio quoted as saying:

If it might have gotten on your clothing, get your clothing off.

No immediate injuries were reported.

WYNC Public Radio Reporter Jessica Gould tweeting updates, informed folks that Mayor de Blasio said it could be "close to a couple days to clear the buildings" and be confident neighbors could reenter safely.

She also noted that the cause of the explosion was currently, still unknown.

Others also tweeted updates, trying to help keep everyone informed:

It seemed everyone was out in force, getting the story and some great footage:

The explosion caused missed work and delays for many:

And lots of footage from every angle of the overwhelming steam:

Never a dull moment in NYC.

H/T: Twitter, NBC News