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Snoop Dogg Reveals He Once Had A Pet Cockroach That Grew To An Alarming Size—And NOPE

The rapper said the insect, which he affectionately named 'The Gooch,' grew to the size of a 'whole dollar bill.'

Snoop Dogg
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

While backstage at the High School Reunion tour, Canadian journalist Nardwuar interviewed Snoop Dogg—for an impressive 11th time in 23 years—to reminisce on stories from the past.

They had a good laugh over one story in particular about a roach—no, not that kind—that lived in one of the rapper's first apartments and grew to a staggering size.

Snoop shared:

“He wouldn’t die so we called him ‘The Gooch.'"
“We used to leave food out for him and everything. He just kept getting bigger and bigger."
"I stayed in that apartment for like about six, seven months—cuz grew to the size of about a whole dollar bill.”

A whole dollar bill.

You can see the clip below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Many viewers of the interview were highly entertained and impressed.




Though some had the same reaction.


But people totally believe him.

We have to admit though, having a pet roach would only be deemed appropriate for Snoop Dogg and maybe Willie Nelson.

You can watch the full interview below to learn more about The Gooch.

WARNING: NSFW language