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Seasoned Traveler's Thread Of Helpful Air Travel Hacks Is A Must-Read

Seasoned Traveler's Thread Of Helpful Air Travel Hacks Is A Must-Read
Jasmin Merdan/Getty Images; @KhanStopMe/Twitter

To some, an airplane is an adventure rarely taken.

To others, it's a necessary nightmare, a hassle you endure to reach your destination on a regular basis.

From physical discomforts on the flight, like sleeping while sitting, to dealing with jet lag afterward, there's a lot of hassle in flying.

Which is why Twitter user Taha Khan (@KhanStopMe) has shared how he handles flying.

These sound too specific to be made up. Keep a lip balm on you, I guess.

Honestly, you can ask for upgrades anywhere.

It's a great life hack.

The worst that can happen is they say no.

Anti-bacterial wipes are a good idea.

I don't agree with the orange juice. It's all sugar water to me so why not just stick to water?

But to each his own.

Good travel bags are a necessity.

If you look online, you can find bags specifically made to stay within carry-on dimensions.

And of course, you can't go wrong with putting a smile on your face.

Makes it a lot easier to deal with other people.

Khan's tips proved popular, being shared thousands of times.

However, not everyone agreed with his suggestions. Specifically, his idea to never check a bag and put all your clothes in your carry-on was disputed.

How do you keep 10 days of clothes in a carry-on? What if there's no laundry?

Still, it sparked a conversation and got people adding their own travel tips.

One study estimated that the average flyer will spend 300 hours in an airport and on a plane. Learning how to cut back on time wasted is a life hack we can finally use for once.