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Lizzo performing 'Proud Mary'; Tina Turner

Lizzo Honors Tina Turner At Concert With Passionate Performance Of 'Proud Mary'

Lizzo reminded her audience that there would be 'no rock and roll without Tina Turner' after the legend's death at 83.

TikTok screenshots of Lizzo

Lizzo Offers Powerful Explanation For Why She Exercises—And It's Not To Lose Weight

The singer explained that while 'weight loss comes with the territory' when exercising, the 'goal' is much bigger.


Lizzo Just Got Summoned For Jury Duty—And She Deftly Explained Why She's 'Not Excited' About It

The 'About Damn Time' singer got real in a TikTok while she got ready for jury duty about why it stresses her out.


Lizzo Calls Out Flurry Of Fatphobic Comments She Faces 'Daily' On Twitter In Heartbreaking Rant

The singer, who has now protected her tweets, said the onslaught of fatphobic comments from Twitter trolls is 'really starting to make me hate the world.'


Lizzo Emotionally Rips Nebraska Bill Restricting Gender-Affirming Care And Abortion At Omaha Concert

The singer got emotional as she told the crowd 'These laws are not real, YOU are what's real' in a powerful speech during her recent stop in Omaha, Nebraska.

P.K. Subban; Lizzo

ESPN Analyst Called Out After Randomly Body-Shaming Lizzo With A Bizarre On-Air Joke

Hockey analyst P.K. Subban made a dig at the singer's weight after a loss by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Daily Wire screenshot of Matt Walsh; Lizzo performing with drag queens at her Tennessee show

Right-Winger Gets Constitution Lesson After Urging Lizzo To Be Jailed For Inviting Drag Performers On Stage

After Matt Walsh called for Lizzo to be 'thrown in jail' for inviting drag performers to join her on stage at her Tennessee show, the First Amendment Twitter account clapped back.

TikTok screenshots from Lizzo

Lizzo Speaks Out After Gen Z Doesn't Believe Certain Celebs Were Once Considered 'Thick'

The singer called out young people for refusing to believe that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were considered 'thick' in the '90s and early 2000s.

Twitter user @CassyWearsHeels; Lizzo

Body-Shaming Conservative Asks Twitter To Choose Between Her And Lizzo—And It Backfired Hard

Self-described 'conservative girl' @CassyWearsHeals deleted her tweet after trying to body-shame the 'About Damn Time' singer.

Candace Owens; Lizzo

Candace Owens Slammed After Saying Women Are 'Batsh*t Insane' To Think Lizzo Is Beautiful

Lizzo fans gave the conservative pundit a piece of their minds after she called out the singer for her 'fat acceptance.'

Screenshot of Lizzo/Nickelback

Video Of Lizzo Saying Nickelback Gets 'Way Too Much Sh*t' Resurfaces—And Nickelback Is Honored

A 2019 clip of Lizzo from 'Jam Or Not A Jam' defending the oft-maligned rock band drew praise from the group on Twitter.

Lizzo in "The Mandalorian"

Lizzo Shares Emotional Post About Her Late Dad After Her 'Dream' Role On 'The Mandalorian'

The singer shared that her love of 'Star Wars' was inspired by her dad after a guest-starring role as the Duchess of Plazir-15 on the hit Disney+ show.

screenshots from Twitter and TikTok videos of the proposal

Concert Crowd Erupts In Cheers After Lizzo Helps Fan Adorably Propose To His Boyfriend

Lizzo was on hand to help a lucky gay fan out at her concert in Glasgow, Scotland—and fans were feeling the love.

Screenshot of Lizzo and Seth Myers from a segment on "Late Night"

Seth Myers Praises Lizzo For 'Class Act' Apology After She Drunkenly Called His Dad A 'B*tch'

Myers divulged how the singer apologized to his dad after leaving the insult on his voicemail while the pair were day drinking for a segment on his late night show.

TikTok screenshots of Adele and Harry Styles

Lizzo Captured Adele's Actual Reaction To Harry Styles' Grammy Win—And It's Comedy Gold

Grammy viewers speculated that Adele was not pleased by the 'As It Was' singer's win for Album of the Year based on some viral videos of the moment.

Stevie Nicks; Lizzo

Stevie Nicks Pens Powerful Letter To Lizzo For Honoring Female Activists At The People's Choice Awards

The Fleetwood Mac singer shared her letter to the 'People's Champion' award winner on Twitter.

Instagram screenshots of Lizzo

Lizzo Calls For Reproductive Rights On 50th Anniversary Of Roe V. Wade In Powerful New Video

The Grammy winner is focusing on restoring body autonomy in a new campaign for her Yitty shapewear line.

Lizzo; Aurielle Marie

A Writer Asked To Borrow One Of Lizzo's Dresses For A Special Event—And Lizzo Delivered Big Time

Writer Aurielle Marie found out she was named as one of 'Out100’s LGBTQ+ Literary and Publishing stars of the year'—and she had a special request for the 'About Damn Time' singer.

Screenshots from Lizzo's TikTok video

Lizzo Shuts Down TikTok Rumors That She Lives In A Ultra-Luxurious House In Palm Springs

The singer didn't mince words while she berated fans for 'believing absolutely anything they see on social media.'

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