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Video of Students Learning They're Going to 'Black Panther' Takes Internet by Storm

A Day of Cultural and Historical Lessons will Culminate in Movie Date for the Whole School

Video of Students Learning They're Going to 'Black Panther' Takes Internet by Storm
Screenshot 'Black Panther'/YouTube

Remember when you were a kid and you knew it was movie day at school? You'd be so excited just to sit in class with the lights off, watching a video in the middle of the school day and relishing in the fact that you weren't doing math.

Well, that's nothing compared to what the 5th-8th grade students at the highly-acclaimed, nonprofit middle school, Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Atlanta (Oprah Winfrey's a fan!) are getting for movie day—and they had a BIG reaction when they found out what was in store.

The middle schoolers went into full-on celebration mode on Friday when it was announced that they would ALL be getting to go see the latest Marvel movie, 'Black Panther.'

Shared by RCA's Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Wade King, the video quickly went viral. Even school founder, Ron Clark got in on the action, sharing this view of the kids celebration:

The students were told that they would get to see the movie following a day of "cultural classes, African dancers, historical lessons . . . " the children then busted out singing and dancing to, as King phrased it, "Turn up!!!!"

Twitter went wild for their excitement:

Even Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman retweeted the lively bunch:

And no wonder they were celebrating, the first major superhero movie to focus on African heritage and black culture, 'Black Panther" is barrier breaker, expected to draw in record breaking crowds. It's already topped the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) first-day advance ticket sales beating out 'Captain America: Civil War' for the top spot of all time.

In fact, the buzz has been so good for director Ryan Coogler's vision that Fandango recently reported ticket pre-sales for 'Black Panther' are now surpassing previous record-holder 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' poising it to hold the distinction as the biggest advance ticket sales for any superhero movie in history.

The film is also rumored to have scored higher with test audiences than any other MCU release.