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'The Daily Show' Finds A Deluded QAnon Believer Who's Convinced Trump's Secretly Still President

'The Daily Show' Finds A Deluded QAnon Believer Who's Convinced Trump's Secretly Still President
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A strong contingent of former President Donald Trump's fanbase are convinced the 2020 election was stolen and President Joe Biden is an illegitimate President.

This is despite all the audits and analysis of the election showing there was no widespread voter fraud and those claiming fraud failing to provide any proof.

But contributor for The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper found there's an even stranger extreme form of Trump.

Like the kind that believes he is still acting as President.

Klepper hadn't been to report on a MAGA rally since he found himself in the middle of the one that turned into the Capitol Riots on January 6.

As he referred to it:

"A day no one will ever forget, unless you're a Republican member of Congress."

This time, Klepper attended a rally in Iowa where banners and flags and even some t-shirts all claimed "Trump Won."

The group had confederate flags in Iowa, insisted Joe Biden was giving the finger to half of America and wild conspiracies were everywhere.

Klepper interviewed a few people with some strange ideas. Perhaps strangest of all was a man in a t-shirt with a mixture of the Gadsden flag and QAnon imagery who claimed Trump was still President.

He said he was:

"150,000 percent certain."

Klepper was taken aback by this.

"Really? Does he hold the power of the presidency?"

The man sounding as certain as he claimed,

"Well, he's been flying around the world on Air Force One. So, that's something."

When Klepper suggested Biden was President, the man claimed it was a fake presidency. However, when Klepper suggested this would mean Trump was in charge when we pulled out of Afghanistan, that presidential action was a suggestion the man did not like.

Many of the interviews went about as well as you'd expect.

Klepper found people calling those who stormed the capitol on January 6 "antifa" or secretly the FBI and deep state. One even claimed Jacob Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman, could be seen in a recent video trying to escape Afghanistan.

Two women he spoke with in matching MAGA hats and American flag overalls pushed back on claims Trump supporters are a "cult."

But interactions with Klepper gave off big cult vibes—or a domestic terrorist cell.

One woman said:

"I feel like whatever he spews out of his mouth, I just love it."

Klepper responds:

"It doesn't matter what he says? But this isn't a cult?"
"I don't think so."

QAnon adherents and MAGA minions seem more than willing to believe any strange and contradictory ideas they think might even remotely help Donald Trump.

But this mentality makes them prime targets for grifts.

This includes scammers posing as celebrities, selling $30 "Trumpcoins," which they claim will increase in value when Trump resumes the office of the President.