Prince George Was Asked To Rate His Mom's New Garden—And His Response Is So Pure

Chris Jackson / Staff/Getty Images, @RubyLee65711/Twitter

This past Sunday, Duchess Catherine "Kate" Middleton of Cambridge took her family to visit her latest project: her "Back to Nature Exhibit" that was to be a part of the Chelsea Flower Show.

While Middleton had a vision in her mind of what her children would do in the garden, there were multiple surprises, and her garden was much better-received than she thought it would be.

Once invited to participate in the Chelsea Flower Show, Middleton teamed up with landscape architects, Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White, now official co-designers of the Exhibit.

From the ground up, Middleton assisted her team in the designing and plans for the garden, from arrangements to what plants to include to the structural design of the tree house.

In the final stages, Middleton even invited her children to assist in collecting mosses and twigs to create the final touch.

With a wide array of plants, scents, textures, and a beautiful birds'-nest-like tree house as a centerpiece, Middleton hopes the garden will promote outdoor activities and crafts, independent learning and creativity, and improved physical and mental health.

Clearly, her efforts did not go unnoticed.

In photos taken by Matt Porteous and posted on Middleton's Instagram, we see the Royal family comfortable and natural together in the great outdoors.

In comfortable clothing and bare feet, there is clearly nothing on these parents' minds but their children, while their children do what children do best: play.

More clips have been released since Middleton's generous share, including this video:

In the video, you can see Prince George enjoying the swing that is attached to the garden's tree house centerpiece, while his father, Prince William watches.

"While playing with him one-on-one, Prince William asks, "What would you give it [the garden] out of 10, George? How many marks out of 10 would you give it, with 10 being the highest?"
Without missing a beat, Prince George replied, "20."
Prince William clarified, "20 out of 10?," to which Prince George immediately confirmed, "20.""

How adorable is that?

Not only did Kate Middleton create a garden that will foster learning, a love for the outdoors, and improved mental and physical health, but she created something that completely blew her family away.

While reflecting on their Sunday evening together in the garden, Middleton confided,

"The children "played last night in a way I hadn't imagined. They were throwing stones. I hadn't actually thought that that was what they would be doing. They kicked their shoes off, and wanted to paddle in the stream . . . using it in a way that I hadn't anticipated.""

Her efforts and goals have not gone unnoticed by the public, either, and neither have her adorable children at play!

Many followers have commented on the beauty of the simple afternoon the Royal Family shared, as well as seeing the children out in nature.

It's such a sign of hope to see such a positive response to Middleton's project. Hopefully with the opening of this new garden, and seeing the Royal Family enjoying it, more families will be inspired to spend time outdoors.

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