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Boy Calls 911 Because He's Hungry–And Police Step In To Help Him Out

Sanford Police Department/Facebook

Police delivered pizza to a boy who called 911 because he was hungry.

Officers in Sanford, Florida, were sent on a “well-being check" on Friday after five-year-old Manny Beshara called the emergency number and told the operator “he was hungry and wanted to order pizza."

In a Facebook post, Sanford Police Department explained: “After arriving on scene, officers met the young boy and his older sister. She told officers they were fine and her brother had grabbed the phone without her knowledge."

The officers “used it as an opportunity to teach about the proper use of 911," then did the decent thing “and bought a large box of pizza and personally delivered" it to Manny.

But the story did not end there as Manny and his sisters decided to return the favor on Monday, taking pizzas to the police department for the officers to enjoy.

Sanford Police Chief Cecil E. Smith told “Something suspicious, dial 911. Ordering a pizza, well, maybe not 911.

“I think the little man understands now what 911 is about but having the officers go out and have that life experience with the young man — that is outstanding."