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'Nightwing' Director Asks Twitter For Casting Input

McKay gets cautioned about "white washing" a hero.

'Nightwing' Director Asks Twitter For Casting Input
A fan cosplays as Nightwing from Batman Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Twitter is buzzing about DC's forthcoming Nightwing movie and though, it's still very early in the process, director Chris McKay is asking fans for their input with regards to which characteristics they think might be most important in casting the lead role.

The LEGO Movie (2014) and The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) director, set up a poll on Twitter—which has 2 days left to vote as of now—offering four categories to choose from:

  • Recognizable movie star
  • Badass martial artist
  • Romani
  • Vulnerable, emotional

For those unfamiliar with Nightwing:

With origins dating back to the classic Superman stories, the character Richard John "Dick" Grayson—created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane—is most commonly associated with the Batman series. He first appeared in Detective Comics #38 in 1940 as an early version of Robin. Then, in 1984, he traded in his Robin identity to become a fully independent superhero, a creation by Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez named—Nightwing.

With 105K+ votes so far, fans had no problem weighing in on the poll—though some folks seemed more concerned about the...uh...end of things:

Fact check: This won't be the first time McKay has dabbled with the character Dick Grayson. He was previously featured in The LEGO Batman Movie

This amateur comic artist who happens to have cerebral palsy has her own hopes about who should appear opposite Nightwing in the film:

Fans didn't stop at McKay's poll. They were very eager to give their opinions about exactly who should play Nightwing:

Word on the street is Zac Efron, Jeremiah Foster, Jared Padalecki, Trevor Stines, Drake Bell, and Timothée Chalamet are all being considered for the role.

This will be Chris McKay's live-action directorial debut, though Nightwing is set to appear in The Batman in a supporting role/cameo before appearing in his own film.

Some were concerned about McKay's process, but he cleared that up quickly:

As of the writing of this piece, "a badass martial artist' was in the lead by far, with "vulnerable, emotional" a distant second, "Romani" third, and a 'recognizable movie star' pulling up the rear:

  • Recognizable movie star 15%
  • A badass martial artist 48%
  • Romani 16%
  • Vulnerable, emotional 21%